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Birthdate:Nov 16
Quorra is an ISO (Isomorphic Algorithm), a sentient program spawned spontaneously out of the complexity of the Grid. The appearance of the ISOs in the Grid was anathema to the operating parameters of Clu, one of the Grid's originators, and he waged genocidal war on the ISOs, wiping them off the Grid entirely. Quorra, though, was rescued by the Creator, Kevin Flynn, and secretly hidden away for many years. She is the last of her kind.

She became a disciple of Flynn's, learning from him (not always successfully) the value of patience and of removing oneself from the equation. Her assertive attitude often comes into conflict with this philosophy, leading her to make impulsive choices. Though still innocent in many ways, Quorra knows the horrors of war and conflict, and is no stranger to fighting. She is very trusting, almost naively so, given her limited interactions in social situations. She will take people at their word unless previous experience has shown her otherwise, but is fierce in the defense of those close to her when her trust is revealed to be misplaced.

She is a fan of 'real world' literature and speculative fiction, particularly Jules Verne, though she doesn't understand the workings of the real world enough to realize that the author is long dead.

She is adept with sword, baton, and disc, as well as a natural driver and pilot, able to adapt to unfamiliar crafts with ease. Her ISO nature makes her more resistant to injury (derezzing), and gives her the ability to heal herself, even to the point of regenerating lost limbs.

Quorra is around five feet, seven inches, with short black hair and dark green-blue eyes. She chooses to wear her light suit with bared shoulders both for practical purposes such as ease of movement as well as personal reasons, to distinguish herself subtly from the Basics (non-ISO programs) that populate the rest of the Grid.

Quorra is from TRON: Legacy, and is the property of Disney. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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jules verne, light jets, light runners, meditation, sunrises, zen
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